I am a seasoned marketing and Ad Ops expert with a passion for digital advertising, startups, digital media and community endeavors.  This passion has made me wear many hats over the years: Ad Ops Champion, Marketing Manager, Product Manager, Internet Entrepreneur and Venture Builder.

I currently manage the ad tech and programmatic operations of MIT Ventures, a company that designs and incubates innovative solutions in the ad tech, digital advertising, mobile marketing and tech spaces.
Summary of Ad Tech Expertise
Digital Advertising Operations
Ad Optmization Strategies
Project Management Certified
Web Analytics & Social Media
Global Marketing Development
Digital Innovation 
Perfectly Bilingual: French/English
Marketing Operations Expertise

Programmatic & RTB Expertise
Dislay, Mobile, Video/Pre-Roll
Online Campaign Management
Team Leadership & Coaching 
Analytical and Problem-solving Skills
Strategic Marketing
Digital Start-up/Agency Development

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Ali Diallo
Ad Operations, Marketing & Digital Media Expert
Leveraging Marketing Data to Power Intelligent Decision Making
  • Delivering Insights:  Leveraging campaign management expertise to craft multiple forecasting models that cater to different reporting needs including P/L calculations, balance sheet and cash flow projections and break-even analysis.

  • Spotting Opportunities:  Analyzing data from dozens of sources to create publisher opportunities, finding new and innovative way in increase sell-thru, monetization, conversions, and site traffic. 

  • Team Management:  Managing ad ops teams and serving as an “enabler” to take care of the group needs and to develop strategies in alignment with company and department’s mission and vision.